Company Profile

We, Y2S, are a company specialized in developing brightness and color (natural, white, yellow) adjustable LED Ceiling Light, brightness and color adjustable LED Florescent Tube and color adjustable LED Ceiling Light.

The Y2S LED Ceiling lights series are manufactured with SAMSUNG 5630 chip and its quality is comparable with other International brands – Intellectual, Technical, High lumen, Long life span, good energy conservation and available in various specifications.

We hope that our products can match with the specifications of the local market of your company.

At the same time, we could also improve the appearances and specifications of our products to cater the needs of different markets with an aim to creating a better living environment.

Our Y2s products are certified for PSE (Japan) and CE (European Union) safety standards. We can also provide products that can meet the safety standards of the statutory requirements of your local market.

Based on the International safety standards and inspired by the advanced technology, we aim to develop high quality, multi-functional and intellectual remote-control, brightness and color adjustable LED Ceiling Lights and Florescent Tubes, so as to make our products more environmental-friendly, energy conservative and price competitive.